bootstrap 4 responsive utilities visible / hidden xs sm lg not working

Screen Size Class


  1. Hidden on all .d-none

  2. Hidden only on xs .d-none .d-sm-block

  3. Hidden only on sm .d-sm-none .d-md-block

  4. Hidden only on md .d-md-none .d-lg-block

  5. Hidden only on lg .d-lg-none .d-xl-block

  6. Hidden only on xl .d-xl-none

  7. Visible on all .d-block

  8. Visible only on xs .d-block .d-sm-none

  9. Visible only on sm .d-none .d-sm-block .d-md-none

  10. Visible only on md .d-none .d-md-block .d-lg-none

  11. Visible only on lg .d-none .d-lg-block .d-xl-none

  12. Visible only on xl .d-none .d-xl-block

Refer this link

4.5 link:

Bootstrap 4 (^beta) has changed the classes for responsive hiding/showing elements. See this link for correct classes to use:

With Bootstrap 4 .hidden-* classes were completely removed (yes, they were replaced by hidden-*-* but those classes are also gone from v4 alphas).

Starting with v4-beta, you can combine .d-*-none and .d-*-block classes to achieve the same result.

visible-* was removed as well; instead of using explicit .visible-* classes, make the element visible by not hiding it (again, use combinations of .d-none .d-md-block). Here is the working example:

<div class="col d-none d-sm-block">
    <span class="vcard">
<div class="col d-none d-xl-block">
    <div class="d-none d-md-block">
    <div class="d-none d-sm-block">

class="hidden-xs" becomes class="d-none d-sm-block" (or d-none d-sm-inline-block) ...

<span class="d-none d-sm-inline">hidden-xs</span>

<span class="d-none d-sm-inline-block">hidden-xs</span>

An example of Bootstrap 4 responsive utilities:

<div class="d-none d-sm-block"> hidden-xs           
  <div class="d-none d-md-block"> visible-md and up (hidden-sm and down)
    <div class="d-none d-lg-block"> visible-lg and up  (hidden-md and down)
      <div class="d-none d-xl-block"> visible-xl </div>

<div class="d-sm-none"> eXtra Small <576px </div>
<div class="d-none d-sm-block d-md-none d-lg-none d-xl-none"> SMall ≥576px </div>
<div class="d-none d-md-block d-lg-none d-xl-none"> MeDium ≥768px </div>
<div class="d-none d-lg-block d-xl-none"> LarGe ≥992px </div>
<div class="d-none d-xl-block"> eXtra Large ≥1200px </div>

<div class="d-xl-none"> hidden-xl (visible-lg and down)         
  <div class="d-lg-none d-xl-none"> visible-md and down (hidden-lg and up)
    <div class="d-md-none d-lg-none d-xl-none"> visible-sm and down  (or hidden-md and up)
      <div class="d-sm-none"> visible-xs </div>


Some version working

<div class="hidden-xs">Only Mobile hidden</div>
<div class="visible-xs">Only Mobile visible</div>