Bearer token in postman

You have a some options to add authorization type:

1) Go headers tap and add => key: Authorization value:Bearer

2) Create collection > select authorization

3) click code and add headers

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  'Postman-Token': '55..',
  'cache-control': 'no-cache',
  'Authorization': 'Bearer eyJhbG...'

I am using Postman v7.0.9.

Add accessToken variable to postman environmental variable.

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Then use Tests tab to write javascript.

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let jsonData = pm.response.json();
let token = jsonData.accessToken;
pm.environment.set('accessToken', token);

If you are usign the current version "Bearer Token" type is under Authorization tab.

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I'm not sure if those 2 images are from the same Postman application or not but the Bearer Token feature only came in on version 5.3.0.

You can just manually add an Authorization Request Header with a Bearer <my_token> value.

This is just a dummy value for demo purposes - The actual value should be Bearer + your token value.

Auth Header

That should work without the need to use that option from the drop down list. This would only just replicate automatically, what you would be doing manually anyway.