Batch task execution in google earth engine

If you absolutely need to use the Code Editor for batch exports there are hacks to click all the "Run Task" buttons for you. Word of caution: the preferred and more stable way to do batch exports is the Python API or change the code to export all your assets with one export statement.

One way is to use Dongdong Kong's GEE Monkey which uses the Tampermonkey plugin in your browser to add a "run all" button.

The other would be to use his script directly, that he posted on the GEE developer board:

 * Batch execute GEE Export task
 * First of all, You need to generate export tasks. And run button was shown.
 * Then press F12 get into console, then paste those scripts in it, and press 
 * enter. All the task will be start automatically. 
 * (Firefox and Chrome are supported. Other Browsers I didn't test.)
 * @Author: 
 *  Dongdong Kong , 28 Aug' 2017 
 *      Sun Yat-sen University
function runTaskList(){
    var tasklist = document.getElementsByClassName('task local type-EXPORT_IMAGE awaiting-user-config');
    for (var i = 0; i < tasklist.length; i++)

function confirmAll() {
    var ok = document.getElementsByClassName('goog-buttonset-default goog-buttonset-action');
    for (var i = 0; i < ok.length; i++)