bash - remove all directories (and contents) but not files in pwd

I found this one somewhere:

rm -r */

Seems the easiest way to go. With your example, you would have to confirm each case, if you have 5 files it's OK, but with bigger file structures an interactive mode is't the way to go... Just as a suggestion, if it's important information, make a backup...

No that would give you "missing operand" since you didn't specify anything. Putting a * would prompt also for files.

I'd give a try to:

find -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type d -exec rm -r {} \;

The mindepth 1 will exclude . from the results, the maxdepth 1 will exclude trying to do under the directories that will anyway get deleted (therefore creating a warning). But in practice you could leave them both out if you agree to have a few "innocent" warnings.


rm -rf ./*/

That avoids interactive mode an deletes only directories in your local directory.