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APL (Dyalog), 77 bytes

Full program which prompts for n, looks up the result in the list of 60 possible results, and prints that to STDOUT.


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''[] index the string by the following:

 prompt for n

60| remainder when dividing by 60

⎕AV⍳ find ɩndices in the Atomic Vector (the character set)

¯50+ add negative fifty

05AB1E, 48 47 43 42 bytes



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¾4×S                                         # initialize stack with [0,0,0,0]
    sF                                  }    # for N in range [0 ... input-1] do:
      D                                      # duplicate
       2äε            }                      # for each pair of values
          T%>                                # get last digit of each and increment
              …+-*Nè                         # index into "+-*" with N
             `      .V                       # apply the function to our values
                       O                     # sum the pair
                        s                    # swap the list of 4 values to the top
                         0NÌ‚                # push [0, N+2]
                             ÂTS-            # bifurcate and subtract [1,0]
                                 ‚           # pair, resulting in [[0,N+2],[N+1,0]]
                                  NĒ}       # reverse each pair N+1 times
                                      ˜+     # flatten and add to the list of values
                                               from last iteration
                                         \   # discard the final list

Python 3, 89 bytes

lambda i:ord('HEVWD¥Z;PQ:]Z;¦WDKR;FKDo`;tU:OR;taDsPEPQDIPE¦a:_R;PU:¡`EVK:O'[i%60])-68

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