Android - Auto forward sms to Telegram messenger Group

IFTTT to the rescue!

You can set IFTTT to forward an SMS from specific number to specific chat.


  1. Create you IFTTT account if not already exists.
  2. Start the @IFTTT Telegram bot and authorize your IFTTT account.
  3. Add the @IFTTT bot to you Telegram group as admin.
  4. Choose /connect_group from the bot commands, and follow instructions.
    • If your group isn't public, you can give it a public (meaningful) name just for the connection to IFTTT and then change it back to private. You'll see the group public name and group title in IFTTT, so before connecting check that the name is understandable.
  5. Go to My Applets and choose New Applet
  6. For the +this - choose Android SMS and then New SMS received from phone number
  7. Enter the phone number from which you recieve the relevant texts.
  8. For the +that - choose Telegram and then Send message.
  9. Configure the Telegram message to be sent, you'll have some options there (Target chat, message text, web preview).
    • The message text supports basic HTML and have some parameters from the SMS connection (such as sender, text, time etc.).

I'm using it to automatically forward my post office message to my Telegram.

Important note: You said you're a firefighter, so I believe the messages are urgent. You should do some tests and check in IFTTT F.A.Q or docs about whether it's immediate or has some delay, or what they guarantee. I just tried and it around half a minute, and so it was in previous times.

check out my app The Android app is built specifically for this purpose and your scenario was the inspiration behind the app's development.