ASP.NET MVC (Razor) vs Angular 5

I don't have enough points to make a comment but thought the following might help you in making a decision.

Just to note that if you use Angular CLI (The default Angular project in Visual Studio) you will lose the ability to use razor within the HTML. Something you was able to do before Angular CLI.

I do like using Angular but miss having Razor to omit certain parts of the HTML, for example, if the user didn't have the necessary roles or permissions:



You can hide the HTML using Angular of course, but having it completely removed from the HTML itself is preferable in my opinion.

I vote for an ASP.Net MVC Web Application in the cloud [Core or whichever] , and use of razor pages as needed. That is it. Case closed.

Even if the whole world runs after Angular , Aurelia, React, Node, Strawberry, Pistachio, butterscotch JS, I will not.

After all, JavaScript is spagetti and Angular is the Flying Spagetti Monster

based on personal experience and intuitive take.

Now please don't get started about mouse hover over page areas,

6 months on from moving from ASP.NET MVC to Angular 5 (now 6) and we are extremely happy with the decision. .NET core backend and Angular frontend is a fantastic combination. It is so much cleaner and easier to create re-usable, strongly-typed, testable and easy to modify UI components!

For anyone considering if it's worth taking the plunge - I would say a resounding 'yes'!