ASP.NET Core 3.0 get_HostingEnvironment() Method not found in extension

For the netstandard2.0 project, I could only get the HostingEnvironment in the HostBuilderContext (from IHostBuilder.ConfigureAppConfiguration) - with the Microsoft.Extensions.Hosting.Abstractions package installed:

public static IHostBuilder CustomConfigureAppConfiguration(this IHostBuilder hostBuilder)
  hostBuilder.ConfigureAppConfiguration((context, config) =>
    // this works with Microsoft.Extensions.Hosting.Abstractions installed
    var env = context.HostingEnvironment;

  return hostBuilder;

HostingEnvironment from WebHostBuilderContext (from IWebHostBuilder.ConfigureAppConfiguration) still throws an exception when executed by a netcoreapp3.0 project. This worked fine with previous versions.

Also I can still inspect it during debug when commented out: enter image description here

Something still seems a bit off, but at least this works now.


After more digging I found the difference in references:
- netcoreapp3.0 - via shared framework Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting.Abstractions, Version=
- netstandard2.0 via NuGet Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting.Abstractions, Version=

v2.2 exposes Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting.IHostingEnvironment which has been deprecated in v3.0

As of 2019/10/01 v3.0 is not available on NuGet.