Chemistry - Are there colorful metals besides gold and copper?

Solution 1:

Osmium has a bluish-gray tint.
Well; slightly.
Cesium is silvery-golden!,
But don't wear it.

Solution 2:

There is no element other than gold and copper with similar colors; see

There are many metal alloys that are red and golden, such as phosphor bronze, which can have a golden hue.

In addition, some metallic compounds may be shiny yellow. Freshly sliced potassium is silvery, but soon acquires an oxide/nitride coat that may look yellow (perhaps due to interference of light?). Of course, "fool's gold", FeS2, was often confused with the element. See and Image of pyrite crystal.

Solution 3:

The color of nanoparticles in solution depends on size, so one can create the whole rainbow of colors using a single elemental composition.

See e.g. for details. shows gold being red and purple.