Academia - Are questions requesting reviews of flaws in exams on-topic?

and ask whether [the test questions] are problematic or whether I am misunderstanding something on my end?

A question requesting as assessment of your exam will indeed be off-topic, as answers will only apply to the exam in question.

the instructions and questions were clearly flawed (to the point of being logically incoherent)

I suspect there are several variations of your question that would be on-topic (though these variations may or may not be what you want to know). For example:

  • A question that assumes that the test is flawed and asks for advice moving forward.
  • A question asking whether a specific question type (which might appear on different exams) is misleading or sub-optimal
  • Technical questions about the course content, while off-topic here, might be on topic in the relevant stacks (in this case, data science or statistics)

In any of these cases, giving some brief examples and linking to the full exam should be fine.

Thanks for asking! I would move to close such a question as "too specific to individual circumstances". Asking that question would not benefit others in a similar situation, as they wouldn't ever find themselves in that specific a similar situation.

Putting aside appropriateness for this forum, though, I would also suggest that posting here wouldn't be useful, as we have no control over that site. Consider the scenario where everyone here agrees that, yes, the question is unfair. Now what? You're no closer to getting the situation fixed, and having agreement about unfairness in an online forum doesn't really do much to help your case. I'd suggest that you take your complaint/recommendation to the owners of the site/exam directly.