Any tips or tricks to hasten USB device detection and initialisation?

Some possible reasons and solutions :

  1. The USB hub or some ports on it might be flaky. (Does this happen on all ports and all hubs?)
  2. Enable USB legacy features in your BIOS
  3. Delete all USB ghosts by cleaning out all registry entries in
  4. "Complete" USB driver renewal as described in this answer
  5. Disable searching Windows Update for device drivers

For obvious reasons, take good backups before starting out, including creating a system restore point.

I find that if I attach the same device to the same USB port there is no wait time. It seem like a device is installed properly on one of the UBS ports and as soon as I attach it to a different port it needs to be re-installed.

This might not be what you are looking for but try it out, might work for you.



Windows 7