AngularJS ng-class if-else expression

Use nested inline if-then statements (Ternary Operators)

<div ng-class=" ... ? 'class-1' : ( ... ? 'class-2' : 'class-3')">

for example :

<div ng-class=" >= 15 ? 'col-md-12' : ( >= 10 ? 'col-md-6' : 'col-md-4')">

And make sure it's readable by your colleagues :)

you could try by using a function like that :

<div ng-class='whatClassIsIt(call.State)'>

Then put your logic in the function itself :

    $scope.whatClassIsIt= function(someValue){
            return "ClassA"
     else if(someValue=="second")
         return "ClassB";
         return "ClassC";

I made a fiddle with an example :

I had a situation where I needed two 'if' statements that could both go true and an 'else' or default if neither were true, not sure if this is an improvement on Jossef's answer but it seemed cleaner to me:

ng-class="{'class-one' : , 'class-two' : value.two}" class="else-class"

Where and value.two are true, they take precedent over the .else-class