Angular 7 project is not working in Internet Explorer 11

I solve this problem with below 4 steps ! for you, start from step3.

  1. Find polyfill.ts in your project

  2. Uncommented all commented import - save

  3. Install below npm

    • npm install --save classlist.js
    • npm install --save web-animations-js
  4. ng serve

credit :

++If you are using angular8 please refer to :

What about upgrading to angular v8 ?

Since the last major version the build process has been optimized for old browsers.

In Angular CLI version 8 and higher, applications are built using differential loading, a strategy where the CLI builds two separate bundles as part of your deployed application.

  • The first bundle contains modern ES2015 syntax, takes advantage of built-in support in modern browsers, ships less polyfills, and results in a smaller bundle size.

  • The second bundle contains code in the old ES5 syntax, along with all necessary polyfills. This results in a larger bundle size, but supports older browsers.

Development on IE

You should take a look at to solve some issue on development mode and css since you upgraded angular to v8