Angular 2 - Bindings cannot contain assignments

There is a little problem with that. Take as an example, that I want to stop showing the date to the user which is equal to 0000.00.00, so, by taking the inline expression binding I can find it right to:

 {{(appointment_date === "0000.00.00") ? ' ' : appointment_date}} 

Its a bad practice to use expressions in angular bindings

Move the class expression into controller.

export class AppComponent {
    title = 'Groups';

    getClass(item): void {

      // add filter logic here
      return this.definitionDetails.Groups.filter(i => i.AbsenceReservationGroupID === item.ID).length > 0


The tr will be something like,

<tr *ngFor="let item of closingDayGroupsList" [class.inactive]="getClass(item)">