Android View outline - using a custom Path

I know it is not helping in clipping but still, we can take the advantage of outline.setConvexPath(path); in elevation shadow since it's working fine as an outline for the elevation shadow around the path.

I attached an image to make it even more clear in which:

First image: ImageView with [Image with shadow]


Second image: CustomImageView with canvas.clipPath(getShapePath()) in onDraw() method [we will get the clipped image but shadow still show as a rectangle bound]


Third image: CustomImageView with canvas.clipPath(getShapePath()) in onDraw() method and outline?.setConvexPath(getShapePath()) in ViewOutlineProvider. [we will get the clipped image and shadow will be aligned with the clipped image]

android:outlineProvider="bounds" // this will have no effect since it will be override by setConvexPath  


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It seems that a View can only be clipped to a rectangle, a rounded rectangle, or an oval Outline. Rather, a View can only be clipped to an Outline that is defined specifically with a setRect(), setRoundRect(), or setOval() method. An Outline set with a Path will not work, even though the Path itself may be one of the aforementioned shapes.

This is documented in several places, though not particularly well, in my opinion.


Note that this flag will only be respected if the View's Outline returns true from canClip().


Currently, only Outlines that can be represented as a rectangle, circle, or round rect support clipping.

Defining Shadows and Clipping Views - Clip Views:

Only rectangle, circle, and round rectangle outlines support clipping, as determined by the Outline.canClip() method.

At first look, this didn't seem consistent with Outline's own inner workings, as a convex Path is, in fact, used internally for non-circular ovals. However, it does make sense to simply disallow all externally defined Paths, rather than expend the resources necessary to determine if an arbitrary Path is valid.