Android TV Leanback RowsFragment keep focused item at the start

If you also want the last item of the row to appear at the beginning, use this ListRowPresenter:

class FocusedItemAtStartListRowPresenter(focusZoomFactor: Int) : ListRowPresenter(focusZoomFactor) {
    override fun createRowViewHolder(parent: ViewGroup): RowPresenter.ViewHolder {
        val viewHolder = super.createRowViewHolder(parent)

        with((viewHolder.view as ListRowView).gridView) {
            windowAlignment = BaseGridView.WINDOW_ALIGN_LOW_EDGE
            windowAlignmentOffsetPercent = 0f
            windowAlignmentOffset = parent.resources.getDimensionPixelSize(R.dimen.lb_browse_padding_start)
            itemAlignmentOffsetPercent = 0f

        return viewHolder

This is similar to what the Leanback Launcher does.