Android Studio , tooltip disappearing so fast

In my scenario, just change the default value of Settings -> Editor -> General -> Other -> Tooltip delay from 500ms to any other value e.g 200ms, then apply the changes, the hovered tooltip won't disappear so quickly.

So weirdly, I guess Android studio might wrongly interpret the Tooltip delay as Tooltip disappear delay for the default value.

If someone encounters this problem, it's related to the way the logcat refreshes.

Every time logcat refreshes, even if minimized, the tooltip will disappear, so it seems to be a bug with Android Studio (tried on 4.0).

Disconnecting from your device (so there's no logcat) will effectively keep the tooltip onscreen forever. This is not a fix but the current behavior.

It may become more apparent when logging with "No Filters", so I'd recommend logging "Show only selected application" which may minimize the effects if your application doesn't log too often.

Edit: As suggested in the comments, typing some random text in the Logcat search box will prevent the tooltip from disappearing, as long as nothing from the output matches the text. And you don't have to disconnect the device with this method.

To elaborate on your screenshot a bit, "Value tooltip delay (ms):" only allows one to adjust the delay before a tooltip appears, but not before it disappears.

It seems that Windows allows application developers to control the tooltip removal timeout,(1) but that Android Studio (like most applications) has not included an adjustment for that. You might want to submit a feature suggestion/feedback to them regarding an option to extend the tooltip removal delay.

Possible workaround:
Slowing one's double-click speed in the mouse control panel (screenshot) can extend the amount of time a tooltip displays. However, slowing the double-click speed becomes rather inconvenient when one finds oneself accidentally double-clicking on stuff that one meant to select and move.

As per the Microsoft Tooltips and Infotips Guidelines,(2) some applications use a multiple of the double-click speed delay - typically 10. Assuming Android Studio respects this, if one's Windows double-click delay is set to about 400ms like in my mouse control panel screenshot, tooltips will remain for 4 seconds before disappearing. Most people probably have it set to 480.

Testing with Notepad++, slowing my double-click speed to 880ms (it goes in 80ms steps) caused tooltips to remain for just under 9 seconds, so some applications respect that. I'm not sure if Android Studio uses that approach.

Another workaround is decreasing the delay* before the tooltip displays, so you don't have to wait so long to read it again.
*-(as per your screenshot)


(1) Tooltips with infinite timeout? -

(2) (apparently I've exceeded my limit on links here, although it let me link Tooltips and Infotips Guidelines above)