Android Studio does not have write access

I would suggest to set your current user as owner of /usr/bin/android-studio

This will resolve the issue in long term:

sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /usr/bin/android-studio

Navigate to your Android studio folder via terminal then run android studio with administrator privileges, using sudo or su. If you provide more information, like which OS you are using, maybe I'll be able to tell you the exactly command line you should use.


  1. Open terminal application, then type de following : cd ~/android-studio/bin *

  2. Now we must run Android Studio script file as administrator:

sudo ./

If doesn't work try : sudo sh

  1. (Optional) To prevent this problem every time you want update android studio, see

And is it.

  • I'm assuming that your android studio is located on your user folder, if there's a problem with this step, you should check /opt/ directory and look out for android studio installation folder or see

I would suggest setting up your current user as the owner of Android Studio


sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /usr/bin/android-studio


sudo chown -R $USER /Applications/Android\

or if you using android studio portable then you can use custom path like this.

sudo chown -R $USER: pathDirOfYourAndroidStudio/Android\ Studio\