Android Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1, fault addr 0x0 in tid 29092

In the Manifest set in your activity :


I got here with the exact same problem but in React Native, so I will put a solution for those who need it too. The error may be triggered by react-native-webview and/or React Navigation. In some cases, like me, you don't want to disable Hardware Acceleration on the whole app, so here's a workaround:



React Navigation 5

     <Stack.Navigator initialRouteName="HomeScreen">
              animationEnabled: false,

I received a batch for this question which means its being viewed a lot, so I'll answer this question -

What I figured out was the line below was throwing the error -


Now the problem is that this error specifically can be caused by lots of reasons, its never a specific reason.. the reason mine wasn't working out was because my device didn't work well with hardware acceleration, so I just had to disable it in the manifest application, like this -


Now its possible that the reason might not be the same....but the core reason is the same, its memory related, and most chances are its a bug in the firmware of the device or emulator you are testing upon.