Android emulator Failed to create Vulkan instance


emulator: ERROR: VkCommonOperations.cpp:496: Failed to create Vulkan instance.

Upon fresh installation of Ubuntu, you're given the option to download and run proprietary drivers. There seems to be some compatibility issues with Android Studio Emulators running API 29, and these drivers.

Until the open source drivers (or Android Studio) fixes this, your only option is to run that proprietary code.


If you still want to, you can open up your Application Tray, then select Software & Updates. Navigate to the Additional Drivers tab, select the latest version of the proprietary drivers, then Apply Changes.

While it's doing its thing, a menu will appear where you'll set a password if you have UEFI Secure Boot. Set the password and let it finish applying changes.

When it's done, reboot your machine.

You'll be prompted during the boot process to Press any key to perform MOK management

Select the Enroll Mok Key option, then Continue, then Reboot.

You're done.

If you ever want to go back, just go back into Software & Updates and elect the open source drivers option.

Your os seems ubuntu, try installing the graphic driver as below them restart the computer.

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall