Analog sound output does not appear in "Sound settings"

This solution did not work for me for Ubuntu 18.04. But as I executed

pactl load-module module-detect

the missing built-in Audio Analog Stereo suddenly appeared in the sound settings menu. As I chose it, I was able to hear the sound.

If you want this setting permanent, add the line load-module module-detect to the default modules in /etc/pulse/

I managed to solve this, although not a optimal solution, it'll work.

I installed PulseAudio Volume Control. Then went to "Configuration" and under the correct sound card, I chose the correct output (Analog 5.1).

PulseAudio Volume Control

Then it shows up in sound settings again. Although, if I change the device in Sound Settings, I sometimes have to open PulseAudio Volume Control the analog sound show up again.

Sound Settings

Thanks to this question and answer.