Always start Visual Studio as an Administrator on Windows 8

The Only way I'm aware of which ensures it will always open as Administrator (including when you open from file associations, jump list etc) is:

  1. Locate the devenv.exe file in Explorer eg mine is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE\

  2. Right-click devenv.exe and choose "Troubleshoot compatibility"

  3. Select "Troubleshoot program"

  4. Select "This program requires additional permissions"

You'll need to let it launch VS before it lets you click Next, but then you're done.

EXTREMELY annoying that you can't just do this through the normal properties dialog any more. It's like Microsoft are going out of their way to ensure Windows 8 alienates as many people as possible...

  1. Right click on the "Metro" Icon for Visual Studio 2012

  2. Click "Open File Location". It will put you into the classic windows desktop with the shortcut for Visual Studio.

  3. Right-Click on that shortcut and go to "Properties"

  4. Click "Advanced"

  5. Check "Run as Administrator" and click OK.

From now on, it will always launch as Administrator with elevated privileges.

You will need to do this for every shortcut you have to Visual Studio.

I.e., if you also have pinned Visual Studio to the task bar.

  1. Right-Click the icon.

  2. Right-Click 'Visual Studio 2012'

  3. Then carry on from step 3 above.

Had the same issue, teammate suggested solution that worked for me is to install VSCommands for Visual Studio 2012, then open VSCommands config, set IDE Enhancements - General - Always start Visual Studio with elevated permissions.