Alphabet Staircase

Python 2, 36 bytes

exec'print chr(i+96)*i;i+=1;'*26

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05AB1E, 2 bytes

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Note that this outputs as a list of lines, as the OP explicitly allowed. The link uses a version with pretty-print (joined by newlines).

How it works

  • A yields the lowercase alphabet.
  • ƶ lifts the alphabet (multiplies each element by its index).
  • » joins by newlines.

APL (Dyalog), 12 8 5 bytes SBCS

3 bytes saved thanks to @ngn

4 bytes saved thanks to @Adám


OP clarified uppercase letters are valid, as well as output as an array of strings.

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gives us every letter in the ⎕A lphabet with its indexes in it, handed into the function ⍴⍨ with the letter as left argument and the indexes as right argument.

⍴⍨ resha es its right argument to the length supplied by its left one. switches the left and right (therefore the symbol of it, looking like the face of someone reading this explanation).