Allow anonymous user to only view job list without browsing workspace in Jenkins

Solution 1:

OK, so I've managed to do it:

  • you need Role-based Authorization Strategy Plugin
  • enable this authentication strategy in Configure Global Security
  • in Manage and Assign Roles / Manage Roles create new role anonymous and authenticated for both global and project roles
  • in Global roles grant anonymous role right only to Overall / Read (this will at the very least access anonymous user main jenkins screen with navigation and link to login page, not login prompt immediately)
  • in Project role add anonymous role with regexp pattern that will match projects you want anonymous users to access and after adding this role grant it right to Job / Read and Job / Discover
  • navigate to Manage and Assign Roles / Assign Roles and assign Anonymous user group to anonymous role (and authenticated users to specific groups). SAVE

Solution 2:

With above plugin

then you DO NOT need add authenticated role in Manage Roles page.

Screenshots: Manage Roles & Assign Roles