Alignment tab character inside a starred command within align


Simple solution: use a more robust check for the *-variant.





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I added something in order to better see that the choices are made correctly.

If you're running a version of LaTeX prior to the 2020-10-01 release, you also need \usepackage{xparse}.

Analysis of the issue

Let's see what happens: \mylinebreak becomes


According to the definition of \@ifstar by amsmath

\def\@ifstar#1#2{\new@ifnextchar *{\def\reserved@a*{#1}\reserved@a}{#2}}

the above becomes


Let's see what \new@ifnextchar does:

  \let\reserved@d= #1%

so the expansions continues as (newlines just for reading convenience)

\let\reserved@d= *
\futurelet\@let@token\new@ifnch &

The trailing & comes from the fact that the newline after \mylinebreak is ignored during tokenization. Unfortunately, we're in an alignment, so as soon as TeX scans &, it inserts the v part of the template. And, indeed, the error message with a high value of \errorcontextlines reads

! Misplaced alignment tab character &.
\@@mylinebreak ->&
<to be read again> 
<template> }
            $}\ifmeasuring@ \savefieldlength@ \fi \set@field \hfil \endtempl...
<argument>  a&=b\mylinebreak &

and \@let@token is set to }. This is confirmed by injecting \show\@let@token at the beginning of \new@ifnch:

\@let@token=end-group character }

OK, let's go a step forward: the expansion of \new@ifnch yields


In our case, the \ifx test returns false, so we remain with


and this breaks, because \reserved@b becomes \@@mylinebreak.

You are defining \\ to look ahead for a * (incidentally the standard command already looks ahead for a *) but in doing this it "sees" the & and the next cell starts before the previous row is ended by inserting the original \\

The definition in amsmath is

             \ifnum\dspbrk@lvl <\z@ \interdisplaylinepenalty
              \else -\@getpen\dspbrk@lvl \fi
\def\math@cr@@[#1]{\ifnum0=`{\fi \iffalse}\fi\math@cr@@@

The special \relax\iffalse{\fi\ifnum0=`}\fi is designed to avoid this issue by preventing the halign template ending a cell at this point.

Note that it is already using \@ifstar to define \\* to prevent a page break at this point.

It is not clear what is the intention of using &\\ as the behaviour of that construct is the same as \\ as the empty cells do not do anything in almost all circumstances.