Add user to channel automatically when user asks

The bot ability is limited. It can only send and receive messages in a chat conversation and collect some information about other chat participants. It can not start a new conversation or other client functionality.

For automate your task, you should use telegram API. There are some clients such as telegram-cli that use the telegram api and have high level methods.

Other clients:

  • tgl (C)
  • kotlogram (Java)
  • telethon (Python)
  • webogram (Web)
  • MadelineProto (PHP)
  • TLSharp (C#)
  • pytg (Python wrapper for telegram-cli)

You can invite other users to your channel using:

channels.inviteToChannel#199f3a6c channel:InputChannel users:Vector<InputUser> = Updates;

You can invite several uses at a time, via a list (Vector) of InputUser.

This seems consistent with Telegram Desktop and the mobile clients, which allows you to select multiple contacts and add them to your group.

InputUser is of the form:

inputUser#d8292816 user_id:int access_hash:long = InputUser;

Short Answer: No

It would be very Bad design for Telegram to Expose Any Way Kind of API or Way To Anonymously Join User to Any Channel.

If You only want to Send Text to Some Group of Peoples Then Possibly Use Firebase database With Hooks to Send Message to Each User when Certain message Happens