Add .dll to java.library.path in Eclipse/PyDev Jython project

I got this working.

For future reference:

Say the dll you need is in Y:\path\to\dlls\lib\. Then set your Run Configuration's working directory to Y:\path\to\dlls\ and set your VM arguments to include -Djava.library.path=lib.

That's it, it should now work. I don't know why specifying an absolute path in java.library.path didn't work previously, but setting a working directory seems to have done it.

Perhaps it's something peculiar to the specific library I'm using (or that Eclipse is running from a different drive than the library is on)...

I think the better way is:

  1. Create a folder under the project, for example dll.
  2. Copy/paste all dll files into this folder.
  3. In project -> Properties -> Java Build Path -> Source, click and expand the source details.
  4. You will see Native library location, click/highlight it.
  5. Then click edit on the right, click workspace again. You can see the dll folder under the project.
  6. Select it and click OK, OK. You will see the dll is added in the Native library location.

That's it. You do not need to manually change anything in configuration.

Java Build Path configuration