Add custom name, caption, image, description to new facebook share dialog or custom stories not taking them from og meta

Update on 2019. This method is not working any more. New solution has not been find yet. :(

Update on 27.06.2018. Old version of the code stopped working properly. The shared image was displayed as small image on the left, instead of as large full column image. The fix is to replace action_type: 'og.shares' with action_type: 'og.likes'.

Use this code:

    method: 'share_open_graph',
    action_type: 'og.likes',
    action_properties: JSON.stringify({
        object: {
            'og:url': url,
            'og:title': title,
            'og:description': des,
            'og:image': img
function (response) {
// Action after response

This works with API version 2.9+. Please note that using og.shares action_type, is not advised any more since it is not mentioned in the FB documentation and it doesn't properly display the large image. I now use og.likes. The small downside is the sentence like "John Doe likes the object on drib" near the top of share dialog and shared content on user wall.

For full working example checkout Dynamically change Facebook open graph meta data with JavaScript.

I have no idea where these parameters are documented for the Share dialog, but I had a guess, and these all work. As a tip, change the 'name' parameter you were using in the Feed method to 'title'. I am custom sharing from multiple share buttons on a single web page. Obviously, replace all the 'custom...' variables with your own variables or 'string':

        method: 'share',
        href: '',
        picture: customImage,
        title: customTitle,
        description: customDescription,
        caption: customCaption

    }, function(response) {});