Active Directory: Viewing "Attribute Editor" after finding an account via ADUC's "Find" option

Solution 1:

I'd say set up a query for the user search instead of using the Find feature. It's a few extra clicks, but gives you the Attribute Editor tab properly.

enter image description here

Make sure you set the query definition to the "Users..." type instead of the "Common Queries" type, so you get the right search behavior..

enter image description here

..and the Attribute Editor tab works on the object when opened from this view.

Solution 2:

This seems to be a solution!

Open de object after using "Find". Click the "Member of" tab. Open a group of which the object is a member. Close the object window. Locate the object in the group and double-click it. The object window should open with the "Attribute Editor" available.

Should work.

Tried it myself but I don't have an Attribute Editor available (Attribute Editor does not exist in a 2000/2003 forest).

Solution 3:

You have several options.

  • You can use Softera LDAP Browser for free.

  • You can use Apache Directory Studio for free.

  • You can use ADExplorer for free.

  • You can setup filter directly in ADUC on OU's view so it will filter out users as you need

  • You can write in C++ your own property sheet host application for user object (I did before, I have source code) which can be invoked from comand line based on some parameter (sAMAccountName for example)


  • You can use build-in ADSI Edit MMC snapin (thank to Ryan Bolger for tip)