Accessing the AppKernel environment variable in symfony 2

It's also possible to get that as a parameter. If you take a look at the \Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Kernel class you'll find a getKernelParameters() method that exposes all the kernel parameters.

 * Returns the kernel parameters.
 * @return array An array of kernel parameters
protected function getKernelParameters()
    $bundles = array();
    foreach ($this->bundles as $name => $bundle) {
        $bundles[$name] = get_class($bundle);

    return array_merge(
            'kernel.root_dir' => realpath($this->rootDir) ?: $this->rootDir,
            'kernel.environment' => $this->environment,
            'kernel.debug' => $this->debug,
            '' => $this->name,
            'kernel.cache_dir' => realpath($this->getCacheDir()) ?: $this->getCacheDir(),
            'kernel.logs_dir' => realpath($this->getLogDir()) ?: $this->getLogDir(),
            'kernel.bundles' => $bundles,
            'kernel.charset' => $this->getCharset(),
            'kernel.container_class' => $this->getContainerClass(),

So in a services.yml file you can get the environment with %kernel.environment% whilst in a container aware class you can get it by doing:


see Kernel.php class on github

The default entity classes generated by the console don't inherit anything. This means they aren't "ContainerAware" in any way.

And generally speaking, I don't think they should be. I supposed it depends on what you're doing but you could handle this with some basic dependency injection

In a controller:

$entity = new \Your\Bundle\Entity\Foo(
  $this->container->get( 'kernel' )->getEnvironment()

And then in src/Your/Bundle/Entity/Foo.php

private $env;

public function __construct( $env=null )
  $this->env = $env;

Would this work for you?

P.S. The event listener you posted about is for Controllers - not for arbitrary classes.