Access denied for a particular user by PAM account configuration

The issue is with PAM stack configuration. Your host is configured with pam_access and default configuration is not allowing external/SSH access for the new user golden ,even though your keys are setup properly.

Adding golden user into /etc/security/access.conf as below fixed the issue.


To see more information readman access.conf which explains each field of this file. Look at examples section to understand the order and meanings of LOCAL, ALL etc

I had the same issue and none of suggested options worked. But I found in one of forums ( a "workaround" which worked perfectly.

Edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and set

UsePAM no

While it's probably not the real solution, because something is definitely wrong with my machine (yesterday it was working fine!), this one at least works.

I had the same issue. pam access would deny a particular user on one machine but not others. Eventually, realized I forgot to update /etc/shadow.

Once that's updated, the problem was fixed for me.