Access Amazon S3 Static Website Through IPv6

Solution 1:

Good news! AWS has support for IPv6 in CloudFront and S3.

AWS currently (2016-04-01) has very limited IPv6 support, only ELBs in EC2 Classic can do IPv6 – and they are being phased out in favour of VPCs.

There is no support for IPv6 in Route53, S3, CloudFront, EC2 nodes or VPC-based load balancers (ELBs).

Many are waiting for AWS to add IPv6 support, myself included. Until then your best choice is probably a different provider that has good IPv6 support.

Solution 2:

AWS has close to none of IPv6 support. However, if you need it really badly there is an ugly solution - you could use their load balancer in front of your static web site. It supports IPv6 but it may not be ideal or not work at all depending on your situation. Another option would be to consider service like CloudFlare. They will do the translation back and forth for you. The only real solution is move away from AWS to platforms that support IPv6 natively. For instance, RackSpace has decent IPv6 support as well as linode and others.

Solution 3:

Amazon now has support for IPv6 across a range of services.

IPv6 Support for Amazon S3

In order to start accessing your content via IPv6, you need to switch to new dual-stack endpoints that look like this:

or this: