7Zip - Command Line : Exclude folder(s) by wildcard pattern?

To exclude the bin and obj folders recursively you can use the command:

7z.exe a -t7z archive.7z FolderToArchive\ -mx0 -xr!bin -xr!obj

To avoid bug, use -r or -xr carefully.

suppose you have directories like:


and run the command:

7z a -t7z archive.7z .\path1\path2 .\path3\path4\path5 -xr!bin

what you got in archive.7z:


That is, the .\path2\ and .\path5\ became the top folder in archive.7z, and both bin directories were excluded.

-x only support path/filename relative to the top folder in archive.

So, if you only want to exclude .\path1\path2\bin, but to include all the other 'bin' directories, the command should be like this:

7z a -t7z archive.7z .\path1\path2 .\path3\path4\path5 -x!path2\bin

I tried to use absolute path in -x, but never succeed.


There is an option -spf in 7z for Linux which works with absolute path.

According to Marco, -spf is also available on Windows from 7-zip 15.14

Based on @zhazha's answer and make it more clear about how to exclude sub folders exactly. On Windows 10, to backup a Visual Studio solution root folder:



//goto the parent of the root folder first which make thing clearer
//not sure what will happen if you go into the root folder
cd D:\VS2019
"<path-of-7z>\7z.exe" a -tzip -mx0 Sln1_backup.zip Sln1 -x!Sln1\.vs -x!Sln1\Debug -x!Sln1\Release -x!Sln1\lib -x!Sln1\Project1\x64 -x!Sln1\Project2\obj

Then you can be sure only the specified sub folders are excluded, for example Sln1\Project3\obj or Sln1\Project4\lib will not be excluded unintentionally. Works for the hidden huge .vs folder.

-mx0 means archive/no compression.